Misconceptions Regarding Israel

Israel is important to evangelicals, because we know that Israel has a unique status. The Jewish people are God's chosen people. The next question someone unfamiliar with the Bible will probably ask is, "chosen for what?" The answer is: Chosen to be a light to the nations of the earth. Israel was to be God's witness to other people groups, testifying to God's plan of salvation through faith. Unfortunately, this was an unfulfilled command, and God delegated this responsibility to the church (which includes both Jews and Gentiles) but that doesn't mean that God still doesn't have a plan for His people. Prophecy is clear. Israel will receive the Messiah in totality at a later point in human history, and will testify to God's redemption plan through Jesus Christ. The new heaven's city is called "New Jerusalem." I could go on, but these points represent the basic understanding evangelicals have concerning the status of Israel. Of course, in our day and age, Israel, as a nation, is under attack; both from Islamic fundamentalists, and Liberals. Foreign policy is important when referring to Israeli relations. How does the U.S. view Israel? The Bible says that those who "bless" Israel shall be blessed, and those who curse Israel, shall be cursed. For the most part, we have blessed Israel by supporting them. But will we continue this trend? Misinformation is rampant concerning the history of the Jewish state. It's frightening, concerning, and important to set the record straight at every opportunity. I know, because I just took a course entitled "History of the Middle East." I thought I'd be getting something objective. I was wrong. Both of my coursebooks were extremely bias. Israel was lied about, while the "Palestinians" as they are called, were the heroes of the day. Many in the course were affected by this presentation, and took anti-Israel stands as a result. I was a voice of opposition, but only one voice. We need more to stand up for historical accuracy, Biblical integrity, and the nation of Israel. I have committed myself to posting some of the papers I wrote for my course (over the next week), so that everyone can glean from my personal research on the subject of Israel, and whether it has a right to exist. In closing, I urge you to be in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, as Psalm 122:6 urges. Thank You.

-Jonathan Harris


Is Homosexuality Innate?

-Jonathan Harris

Ever heard someone say, "Homosexuals were born that way!?" Such a person usually goes on to say that same-sex marriage is a civil right, and that anyone who opposes their "marriages" is one and the same with a Klan member during the 1960s. Their whole thesis is based upon one thing: That homosexuality is innate. Well, new research says that's not the case. Even though it should be obvious that homosexuality isn't innate -- I mean, I've met former homosexuals, but I've never met a former black person for example. Despite the obvious "duh" liberals should notice, scientific proof is now also available. I encourage everyone to check out what the APA is now saying.



Same-Sex Marriage DOES Affect Society

Results That Go Beyond Statistics
by: Jonathan Harris

I was appalled. A prom turned into a "love-fest" for transgenders, cross-dressers, and homosexuals? (Click here to find out what's happening in Massachusetts) I can't think of a passage that fits the situation in Boston better than Romans 1:22-32. The advocates of same-sex marriage have claimed, for quite some time, that legalizing the practice would have no effect on society and those who believe in "traditional marriage;" it would merely give rights such as "hospital visitation rights" to same-sex couples. They are clearly WRONG. The state of Massachusetts has slid farther than I thought was possible in such a short time. Middle School children claiming to be transgender lovers? Where are they getting this at such a young age, if not from the schools sponsoring such aberrant practices. The bigger issue here is that the state is mandating how a child should be raised, and not the parents. It is clear that when the state puts its stamp of approval on sin, the child believes it to be so. God help our society, and bless the states that have stood for traditional marriage.

The face of the 21st century is rearing its ugly head...


What Bill O'Reilly Taught Me

Passionate Civility
By: Jonathan Harris

After watching a clip tonight of Bill O'Reilly exchanging heated words with some liberal guy (frankly I don't remember his name) defending a position quite contrary to Bill's, I realized something-- Bill and his guests have an interesting habit. Of course, I've seen this sort of behavior many times before, but tonight I really grasped something new.

Two, can have a spirited debate, while at the same time remaining civil.

This struck me as significant. I mean, think about it. O'Reilly is the highest rated show on cable news, and yet he exhibits what is thought to be one of the most undesirable qualities in the extreme. He's controversial! Some, who have redefined the word, would also assert that his show is rather "offensive." Offensive or not, it's interesting that after a debate ends, both parties generally share a laugh, shake hands, and crack a couple smiles, as if they shared peanut butter sandwiches in their kindergarten years or something. It's obvious that both O'Reilly and (pick any of them) virtually all his liberal guests are very "intolerant" (by the modern definition) of each other's positions; yet they can still remain civil on a personal level. While I am not in favor of the "harsh answers" or shouting fits, there's something beneficial there. Namely: We don't have to agree to get along. As a Christian, who has heard numerous times of my intolerance precisely for my lack of consensus on a certain topic, it's good to see that a large part of the culture (O'Reilly viewers) understand that agreement and friendship can be on two separate plains. This is something many Christian's need to learn as well. (Yes, I'm referring to all those who get bent out of shape every time someone disagrees with you on speaking in tongues, Calvinism vs. Arminianism, or eschatology.) This is one talking point, Christians can factor into their lives. Thanks Bill.


Let's Get Practical: Gay Marriage

It’s one thing to form an opinion on a controversial subject, it’s another thing to come to that opinion through hours of study and rational debate, and it’s quite another to actually do something about your convictions. This third element seems to be the hardest component, yet it is the most important. It is through confrontation with people and positions that individuals change their minds, and hearts are ultimately won.

I had the opportunity today to attend a “Stand For Marriage” rally sponsored by New Yorker’s For Constitutional Freedom in Albany. A “gay” marriage proposal bill had already passed the NY State Assembly, and was on its way to another branch of the unicameral legislature, the NY State Senate. Traditionally controlled by Republicans, the senate fell to democrats in the 2008 election. Since governor Patterson has declared his support for the measure, it appeared that the bill stood a reasonable chance of being enacted into law. Of course yesterday, in a surprising move, the Senate was turned back over to Republican control, after an astonishing coalition of thirty Republicans and two pro-family Democrats (forming a majority). Despite this glimmer of hope, some of those formerly against same-sex marriage in the senate, proclaimed that they were on the “sidelines,” or refrained to comment when asked about their stance. Two of those in these categories were Republicans. If the “gay” marriage bill was to come up for a vote, the tally would still be awfully close, which was part of the reason I was in Albany today.

Starting at around 10:30 AM we met at the capital steps. A couple thousand were in attendance. We then listened as various pro-family speakers, such as Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, and a number of representatives and pastors, fired the crowed up. Of course, showing our support in large numbers is great, but actually “DOING” something in support of the noble position we were heralding was far more important. At around 12:30 a small group of us (there were various small groups all around the capital praying and meeting with senators), visited various offices to give senator’s staff literature, as well as to pray on their behalf. Many seemed astonished that we wanted to pray for them right there, but the majority seemed grateful after the “Amen,” thanking us for our visit. All in all, it was a success. We took an actual STAND for what was right, as opposed to merely talking about it with those of like-mind. My hope is that you can find the courage to do the same. Find out what organizations stand for Biblical principles in your area by contacting the American Family Association.
-Jonathan Harris


Making the Case For Life

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky, recently delivered an excellent interview with Scott Klusendorf, author of "The Case for Life." Klusendorf's goal in writing this book was to take philosophical arguments validating the legitimate innate intrinsic value of embryonic life, and put them in accessible layman's terms. I highly recommend taking a listen to this important interview. It will honestly greatly enhance your ability to intellectually defend a pro-life position.

Audio Interview: Making the Case For Life

Klusendorf's website

-Jonathan Harris
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