But what if abortion is illegal?

by Frank Russo

There has been a lot of debate recently over abortion, and most of it is coming from a good place. That place being the pro-life place of course. The left no longer controls the debate on this subject and recently we have seen a resurgence in the movement due to the election of president Trump and the selection of a new supreme court judge. This nation has also seen a huge uptick in protest and screeching concerning the possible repeal of Roe V. Wade and unfortunately the arguments are the same tired and stale ones we have heard since the feminist movement decided it was a woman’s right to commit murder. The most prevalent one that has been seen recently is the argument concerning quality of life. The argument goes that children who are raised in single parent households or into a poor family will have a low quality of life, ergo it’s better that they never be born than have to go through said hardship. This is what I like to call the “Overall Happiness Argument” where the life of a child is gauged by its speculative future happiness in conjunction with a formula made up of social circumstances. This argument notably saw legitimate traction with Dr. Karl Brandt, Hitler’s personal physician, who used this argument to justify his euthanasia program in the 1930s. His was based on racial theory instead of social circumstances but it is the same argument. He was hanged for war crimes on October 16th, 1946 following the Nuremberg trials.

But his philosophy is well and alive with modern leftists. How do I see this as a racist proclamation? Good question, let me get into some statistics which may have a bearing on this case. 72% of black youths will grow up in a single parent household. This is an indisputable fact. 27% of black Americans live below the poverty line. That means that by leftist standards of the forty five million black people who live in the United States, 12,120,000 should either have been aborted or be susceptible to abortion at a philosophical level. This is just one segment of the minority population in America. Imagine how leftists must feel about Hispanics if 12,120,000 blacks shouldn’t be born under their philosophy? Or poor whites? This number for one demographic alone shows just how big this issue is and why its a cultural war that needs to be fought and won without and care for the feelings of our opponents.

I am not saying that all leftists want there to be no black people. Nor am I saying that they want all these abortions to happen. What I am sayings is that their philosophy leads to a complete collapse of morality and will eventually deteriorate to the dystopian point I have outlined for the black community. My evidence of this is that it already has. When Roe V. Wade was passed it was put forward that abortion was a necessary medical operation that would be done on a minimal scale for those that absolutely needed it. Another look at statistics can show us just how that has not been the case, especially in the year of 2018. There are 161 million women living in the United States. There are 1.2 million abortions performed in the United States each year with an unknown number of illegal abortions performed. That means that roughly 0.75% of women in the United States get abortions. By contrast 22,000 women a year are diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. 14,000 will die from it.Cancer treatment accounts for roughly 0.01% of necessary medical treatment women will receive  in a year. Women get abortions at seventy four times the rate that they will receive care for cancer. While not conclusive, (women get other diseases), it does show a disturbing trend. Women are using abortion, not as a necessary medical treatment, but as birth control.
This is irregardless of the fact that leftists seem to believe that a fetus is not life. A rock cannot turn into an eagle, and an eagle does not turn into a walrus. Ergo if something later “becomes” something then it always was that thing it was said to have “become”. The left also needs to stop telling people  that aren’t as privileged financially and in terms of family situations that they, for the good of society, shouldn’t have been born at all. My birth mother was promiscuous and had numerous children out of wedlock. She put us all up for adoption. She obviously wasn't ready to be a parent and her economic situation most likely was not good but I was adopted by a loving family and I love my life, warts and all, because I have Christ. Christ is what this country really needs to end abortion but in ending this I'm going to quote Dr. Seuss. Normally I’d think that childish but since the left weaponized the Lorax I have free reign.

“A persons a person, no matter how small”-Horton

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