LGBT and #MeToo Protest at Liberty University

By: Jon Harris

Last Wednesday I attended a protest sponsored by the LGBTQ+ and #MeToo movements on Liberty University's campus, at least that's what the flier said:

However, there are no official "MeToo" or "LGBTQ+" groups listed as student organizations at Liberty University, though there probably are unofficial groups. In reality, I believe this event was sponsored by Young American's for Liberty, a libertarian organization I suspect is straying from its "Ron Paul" roots.

The protest was against comments made at CPAC by Jerry Falwell Jr. and Donald Trump Jr. In the video below I engage a Christian advocating for gender dysphoria, as well as the senior class president, event organizer, and president of Young American's for Liberty at LU, Addyson Garner. At the 45:15 mark Garner says "My day job is helping push free speech on campus. For work, that's what I do." After our conversation on camera, I asked Addyson if she was fiscally conservative and socially liberal which she affirmed.

On the Young Americans for Liberty chapter website for Liberty University (https://yaliberty.org/chapters/liberty-university/) there is a "chapter plan" which says:
Liberty University claims to be a bastion of free speech in the midst of liberal colleges. This freedom of speech does not always translate on campus, and YAL at LU wants to challenge that. We strive to promote freedom of speech and freedom of assembly on Liberty's campus. YAL wants to educate and equip young adults to be activists for liberty by hosting events and educating students.
When I was on campus during an extremely cold day, there were two individuals, who did not look like students and were not LU staff, passing out cans of soft beverages with industrial style coolers right by the protest. They were going out of their way to offer it to every student passing by the most highly trafficked outside area on campus (in front of the Montview student union, where the protest was taking place). My hunch is that they probably worked, and were funded, by Young Americans for Liberty. I did not realize the potential connection until much later, so neglected to ask.

I did think it was significant though that this is the first time, as far as I know, that this has ever happened at Liberty University, but I'm sure it won't be the last. The lingering question in my mind is, why would a libertarian organization seemingly sponsor an event in which students holding rainbow flags are proclaiming, "Where does it say in the Bible you can't be gay and Christian?"





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