How Woke Theology Destroys the Gospel

By: Elwin Ransom

Anyone attempting to understand modern American evangelicalism, will quickly recognize that many of its prominent leaders have jumped on the “Woke train” without noticing the “bridge out” sign blurring past them. Many of these ambitious men don’t consciously desire to destroy Christianity as we know it. They’re just joining a trendy movement. But, in the words of Ravi Zacharias, “Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and cost you more than you want to pay.” Thus, many well-known evangelicals are on the verge of finding out just how much this trendy movement will cost them.

It is now common in progressive evangelical circles to loudly insist that men like George Whitfield and Jonathan Edwards were not Christians because they supported slavery or owned slaves. This argument is derived from the heresy of Black Liberation Theology, which teaches that God is always on the side of the oppressed, and all slavery is oppressive. There’s just one problem with that argument: Romans 4 is explicitly clear that our salvation happens the exact same wayas it did under the old covenant.

In the book of Genesis, God Himself comes down to earth and seals His Covenant by walking between the carcasses of recently slaughtered animals that have been cut in half. The implication of this act? God is saying “may I be cut in half like these animals if I do not keep this covenant.”

The recipient of that covenant? A slave owner.

The American slave system rested on unbiblical and evil assumptions. Many of the laws governing it were evil and certainly serious injustices occurred. It was bad. But, being against something bad does not give someone license to teach anything they want in opposition to that bad thing. Woke Christianity destroys the very foundations of our faith, and it does so in about 30 seconds. Not all of the progressives currently pushing this heresy have connected all the dots. But, the fact is that “all slave owners are not Christians” leads to one inescapable conclusion:

Abraham wasn’t saved either, since he was a slave owner. Neither were his slaves, who received the sign of the covenant. And if Abraham wasn’t saved, then Romans 4 means that we are all still in our sins.

If you’ve ever wondered why Woke Christianity rapidly devolves into “salvation by the work of ‘antiracist’ political activism” (Southern Baptist Professor Jarvis Williams teaches this in his classes), it’s because the true believers have recognized that their teaching destroys salvation by faith alone, so they need something to replace the gospel of Jesus Christ. So they swap out Christian orthodoxy for James Cone (the father of Black Liberation Theology).

There has been a lot of ink spilled on what motivates progressive evangelicals, but much more important is the impact of their leadership. Even if we concede that Russell Moore does not desire to replace Orthodox Chrisitanity with a slightly modified version of Black Liberation theology, the fact is that he is helping put us on that path.

At some point, it no longer matters if these men are sincere or well-intentioned. It no longer matters if they intend to replace the faith once for all delivered to the saints with a different religion entirely. It doesn’t matter, because that is their project. That’s where this road leads. This can only end one way: the bridge is out, and we’re headed over the cliff.

The question before us: how many sheep will go with them over that cliff?


  1. Great point, that although motives may matter to God, the final result is the same, the destruction of the Gospel. You chose to leave the motives alone, Jon. The wisest course of action, I’m sure. I won’t be so wise, I’ll venture to say that a lot of this caving to the culture, by jumping on the social gospel bandwagon (and that’s what it is, just the old liberal warmed over social gospel) is an attempt not to tarnish their image. In other words, being ensnared by the fear of man. Bluntly put, cowardice and an unwillingness to suffer any loss (of reputation, of standing, of numbers and constituents) for the sake of Christ and His Gospel, but rather to preserving one’s own (perceived) sweet reputation at all costs. So, let’s review the idols at play here once more: Worldliness, self-preservation and self-aggrandizement in the eyes of men, and fearing man more than Christ, so cowardice. – Andrew from North Dakota

    1. Yes, I really think you are on to something here about the motives of these "woke" church leaders. But I also think they naively believe they've got a cure for the societal ill of "racial injustice" - let's just hope they wake up and change course before it's too late. Otherwise they will eventually discover that these woke solutions only serve to exacerbate the problem of racial divisiveness instead of ending it.

      I am also dismayed by their willingness to throw white Americans under the bus, as if the history of slavery in our country must be atoned for by all whites living today. Btw, for those that don't know, there were in fact black slave owners in America and there were also many thousands of white slaves who were treated no better than black slaves, but this history has been heavily suppressed, and to speak of it will incur accusations of racism and white supremacy, for the obvious reason that it destroys the leftist "social justice" narrative of American slavery = black victimization due to white racism.

  2. By the way, Jon, I can sympathize with you as to your concern for the Leftist Marxist "Woke" Liberation Theology that is/has infested your alma mater SEBTS. Check out the course Syllabus (thanks to your friends at "Enemies Within the Church") for what is supposed to be a "Missions Class" at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis where I earned my Th.M some 13 years ago when it was "safe." It's loaded with the Identity Politics which is all pervasive on the Left today . . . Liberation Theology, White Shaming, Critical Race Theory, Race Baiting, all of which you'd expect would be taught, say at the super-liberal Union Theological Seminary in New York City by the black liberation "theologian"James Cone (now deceased), but not at a supposed Evangelical Seminary, the PCA's one official denominational Seminary, and again, my alma mater. In fact, Cone's book “The Cross and the Lynching Tree” is in the Syllabus. Find that here. link:https://enemieswithinthechurch.com/2019/12/11/gods-world-mission-class-from-covenant-theological-seminary-blatantly-promotes-critical-race-theory/
    They are now promoting "a different gospel." Both Alumni, and Churches seeking Pastors, need to be informed as to the direction this once fine Seminary has decided to take. Moreover, Christians, average laypersons, need to be aware of these capitulations and which so-called "Evangelical" organizations, Churches and Schools are caving to this agenda, so they can stop supporting them. Plainly put: SHUT OFF THE MONEY!!! That is about the only thing that will get their attention at this point. -Thanks for your fine well researched videos and posts on this critical issue facing the Church. -Andrew, your newfound "fan" from ND.


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