Why are All My Friends Marxists?

While friends and family are lamenting their "white privilege" and vowing to own their complicity in "systemic oppression," Jon explains how a Marxist revolution is actually taking place, and it's not just a political movement---it's a new religion. Video:


The New Religion PDF

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  1. You noted the Pharisees and how they made statements like they would not have killed the prophets. Their whole problem was identity and every Marxist country has always been oppressive. Only the cross of Christ can solve the issue of white arrogance. Marxism is also inherently antisemitic.

  2. So you're ignoring that the man who murdered Arbery kicked him after and said the "n" word? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/white-man-accused-killing-ahmaud-arbery-allegedly-used-racial-slur-n1224696

    1. What do you mean by bringing that up?


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