A Review of Eric Mason's Woke Church

Jon reviews Eric Mason's "Woke Church," and then gets Ronnie Nall's (formerly a member of First Baptist Naples) advise on how to engage Christians who hold to Woke Church's Theology.



Page 100 Mason quotes Barbara Skinner. Skinner is a big supporter of Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar and AOC.

Page 102 Quotes Bryan Loritts who is a big proponent of the gay agenda

Page 105 Quotes Gardner C. Taylor. Founder of Progressive National Baptist Convention

Page 107 "In the eyes of many. BLM has become the voice of black dignity."

Page 116 Mason begins to embrace Dr. James H Cone. So called Father of Black Liberation Theology

Page 124 Quotes Cornel West. Noted Leftist

Page 135 Mason goes into a long list of what "we" should provide. The list looks like a nanny list. Ending with, "If someone doesn't know how to parent, we must intervene." 

Page 138. Mason wants his church to have "career path training and development", ""create (sic) sustainable economy that stays in the community". No one can do this. This is a planned economy. 

Page 137 Use "housing entities" to help with down payments." This has to mean govt.giving tax dollars to people. 

Page 140 Quotes Nelson Mandela. Mandela's ANC party is pure Marxist. 

Page 146 Quotes Tony Evans for the 2nd time.

Page 149 Mason's plan for the seminaries. "Practical theology classes need to be developed that focus on the needs in black, poor, and middle class spheres. We must help people understand how the Bible addresses key questions concerning dignity, identity, and significance."

Page 150 Mason praises S Africa's Reconciliation Committee which is 100% Marxist. Stealing property from one group and handing it to another. Mason also praises Rwanda's Gacaca Court. Same thing. International disaster. Mason wants to model these two courts here?

Page 155 "Black women should be affirmed to serve in greater capacities than the traditional roles of children's ministry, choir and hospitality." He does not clarify what this means. 

Page 162 Mason finally comes to the answer to all the programs he recommends. City investment. Govt. 

Page 163 "What needs to happen in the body if we are going to work together cross-ethnically is that white Christians must reach across the color line and begin building respect and trust for minorities. Minorities must respond with open arms and hearts to these efforts."

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