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100 Years of Resolution 9

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“I speak for men who have drawn their economic insight from Socialism, and their democracy and moral ardor from Jesus himself.” 

Walter Rauschenbusch, 1913

“Having become awakened by the fundamental insights of National Socialism, we work steadfastly . . . to [become] a great community in which one serves the other.” 

Wolf Meyer-Erlach, Professor of Theology, University of Jena, 1941

“Marxism has much to offer: a set of ‘scientific’ tools for social analysis and projection of strategy. Here many liberation theologians distinguish . . . between Marxism as scientific analysis, with its own autonomy and objectivity, and as a metaphysical system. Christians may accept the first aspect (as a functional tool) while objecting to the second.” 

Sojourners Magazine, 1977

“As with the matter of atheistic ideology, the religion-sedative equation is part of the marxist world view, which may be ignored while taking up marxism as a tool of social analysis.” 

James Cone, Liberation Theologian, 1980

“Critical race theory and intersectionality alone are insufficient to diagnose and redress the root causes of the social ills that they identify, which result from sin, yet these analytical tools can aid in evaluating a variety of human experiences.” 

Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions Committee, 2019

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