Before You Get the Point, Consider This

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(Vaers Adverse Effects Data)

(1% of Adverse Effects Reported) Department of Health and Human Services, 2010

(Compared to Influenza)

COVID-19 Vaccinations 98 Times More Deadly Than Flu Vaccines (According to VAERS Reports)

(Anaphylaxis rate) – Jama Network, March 8, 2021

(Blood Clotting) – The BMJ, August 27, 2021

(Questions about Graphene Ox1de possibly present) Robert Young independent Analysis

(More D variant related deaths associated with those with shot[s]) Public Health England, Aug 6, 2021 (page 19)

(More protection from D varient if previously contracted than taking both Pf1zer doses.) medRxiv, Aug 25, 2021

(Shot Causing Myocarditis) New England Journal of Medicine, August 25, 2021

(Ivermect1n Effectiveness) American Journal of Therapeutics: July/August 2021 – Volume 28 – Issue 4

(Hydr0xych10r0qu1ne and z1nc Effectiveness) MedRxiv, May 31, 2021

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