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Discerning Truth

Discerning TruthExposing Errors in Evolutionary Arguments: A Review
By: Jonathan Harris

Dr. Jason Lisle’s Discerning Truth may be the most practical academic book I have ever read. Many of you have probably read or taken courses on logic, but to have such material applied to the naturalist position is something not taught in school for obvious reasons. Lisle does the Christian Creationist community the service of defining such logical fallacies as reification, bifurcation, begging the question, etc. and then shows how the most common arguments for Darwinism use them. Once you’re able to spot logical fallacies, you’re able to disarm your opponents quicker, easier, and more effectively. For example, when a naturalist says, “Either you live by faith, or you have rational reasons for what you believe,” you can respond by saying, “Why can’t someone have both,” rather than asserting your “rational” credentials. If you can spot the arguers bifurcated statement (i.e. presenting two options when in reality a third exists) you can then aim your response at the logical fallacy, instead of accepting the fallacy and then trying to defensively insist your rationality. The four last chapters of this short 137 page book provide practice problems that will give you an opportunity to spot the logical fallacy in a set of statements. If you are going to defend your faith,  not only do you need good arguments, but you need to know what a bad one looks like: 1) so you don’t use them; 2) so you can spot them when others do. I wholeheartedly recommend this book, and don’t believe any college student should be without it. Order yours today by going to the link below!

Discerning Truth

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