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Gossip: An Introduction

By: Jonathan Harris

When you think of the word “gossip,” what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s the title of a section in your local newspaper? Or, possibly you think about the tabloids you brush by as you’re in the aisle at the supermarket? Or, maybe gossip is that juicy slice of information you happen to obtain from your friend regarding “who has as crush on who!” Well, whatever your concept of the word, one thing seems for certain—everyone seems to have their own understanding of what exactly it is. Gossip is one of those often misunderstood but very serious sins. We tend to throw the word around a lot, usually at someone we believe has accused us of something or insinuated something negative about ourselves (Oh, the irony!). But do any of us really understand biblically what we’re saying when we accuse someone of gossip? My suspicion is that the biblical concept of gossip has largely been forgotten, along with many other sins such as gluttony, envy, laziness, etc. My goal is to correct what I believe is an erroneous definition of gossip in modern Christianity and educate those who, like myself, were simply unaware on all the Bible has to say about this deadly sin. My hope is that this will be a convicting wake up call to all Christians so that we can work toward a more harmonious body of Christ and become better witnesses to our lost and dying world.

Full Series on Gossip

1. Gossip: An Introduction
2. What Gossip Is Not
3. What Gossip Is
4. What to Say and When to Say It
5. Gossip, the Tongue, and Humor

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