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John Piper’s “Christian Hedonism,” Mark Dever’s “One Issue Voting, & John MacArthur’s take on CRT

First, a follow up on the interview with Enoch Burke on John Piper’s Christian Hedonism, then my time in DC and Mark Dever’s opinion on “single issue voting,” and finally John MacArthur’s recent comments on Critical Race Theory.



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1 thought on “John Piper’s “Christian Hedonism,” Mark Dever’s “One Issue Voting, & John MacArthur’s take on CRT”

  1. Jon – I heard you pause about quoting from the NIV Bible, and then repeated the verse from the ASV. I’ve had an NIV Bible for the past 30 years, so naturally it’s pretty marked up – I can visualize exactly where verses are in it. But recently, a friend told the NIV is a very flawed translation, and gave me several examples why. Now, I do not believe I’ve been in sin reading the wrong translation of Scripture for the past 30 years or anything like that – I give God credit for meeting me where I was – and I know He has blessed me through the reading of my NIV version over the years; but I do care about the validity of the translation. Is there a translation of the Bible you know to be more true to the original text, and please tell me why you recommend it? Thank you, Amy M.

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