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Let’s Watch the Christian Nationalist Trailer Together, Shall We?

Jon live reacts to Rob Reiner’s God & Country Official Trailer featuring Russell Moore, David French, Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Jemar Tisby, Anthea Butler, Phil Vischer, etc.

#ChristianNationalism #DavidFrench #RussellMoore #PhilVischer

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1 thought on “Let’s Watch the Christian Nationalist Trailer Together, Shall We?”

  1. John Wayne became a catholic at the end of his life. He lived in a city that had a lot of coutnry Club Republicans Newport Beach. In fact it still votes somewhat republican compared to other cities in Orange County. In fact a lot of Wayne’s fans were not working class but of the Country club variety at Newport Beach. These people usually went ro college at USC, In fact pasroe Gregg Laurie said Corona Del Mar high one of the schools he went to high school had some rich kids.

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