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The Meat Diet!

What we put into our mind is one of the most important decisions we can make. Scripture has much to say on discernment and spiritual nourishment. Here are the top podcasts I use to keep myself nourished (other than personal study). This is my diet, perhaps you’ll see some of the food I eat and say, “Hey that looks good!” That’s my conspiracy at least ;).

1) The Dividing Line

I’ve been listening to the dividing line off and on for the past four years or so. Over the past six months I think I’ve caught just about every episode many times listening on high speed (2x) just to make sure I really get all the material being presented with the limited time I have. Dr. James White teaches apologetics and presents news topics relevant to apologetics and Christian world-view issues from a thoroughly biblical viewpoint. I’ve listened to a lot (and I mean a lot!) of apologetics radio programs and podcasts and believe me, nothing even comes close to this guy.

2) Generations Radio

I admit, I just started listening to this, but boy do I like it. I’ve been frustrated for years with Christian attempts at political talk radio for the simple reason that most of them aren’t biblical in their outlook. They generally throw out the Old Testament as not applying at all to our modern context and appeal to secular principles to defend Christianity. I tune into Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity now and then, not because I was in complete support of them, but because the Christian alternatives were no better. Well, finally I found something that IS better! Generations Radio filters the political and cultural issues of the day through a thoroughly biblical (both Old and New Testament) lens. I’m really liking these guys.

3) Paul Washer

This is preaching, plain and simple. While I do listen to a variety of preachers, John MacArthur probably being the most commonly listened to, this is the only consistent preaching podcast I subscribe to and keep up with in a chronological fashion. This guy is the Tabasco sauce of my diet.

4) Wretched Radio

I confess, I don’t listen to Wretched as much as I use to mainly because I don’t have the time like I use too. But I would say if I had to pick one podcast, and only one, it would be this one. Todd Friel hosts a Christian variety show with everything from the daily news, to comedy sketches, to preaching clips, to biblical teaching, to recorded evangelistic encounters. I mean it’s all there, and it’s solid stuff! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be edified.

5) The Daily Briefing

Al Mohler, current president of Southern Seminary, goes through the news of the day that’s pertinent to Christians and answers call in questions. The daily show is only about 20 min. long so it’s a good commuter show. You’ll already have the daily news analyzed from a Christian mindset before you get into your work discussions.

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