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What Happened at SBC23?

Jon talks about the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting and what the results of it mean for theological conservatives in the convention. It was a bit of a mixed bag, but can the denomination afford a mixed bag? There are two broad interpretations conservatives are making of what happened.

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1 thought on “What Happened at SBC23?”

  1. You have to be joking. The SBC is super conservative. Rick Warren is conservative.. Barber definitely. Stone knows that a president usually wins a second term. Mohler is a president of a seminary and if he or the SBC were not concerned about sexual.abuse or BLM there would be no mercy.from the media. You are very critical and I doubt you are or ever have been SBC. You are savvy but to hear you tell it, one would think you were talking about the very liberal mainlines. The conservatives won. If I remember scripture, Jesus was accused of eating with sinners.

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