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What’s Behind the IF Gathering?

The IF Gathering is a very popular women’s ministry organization, conference, and movement involving some of the top names in women’s ministry. Melissa Lex of Thorougly Equipped weights in on the message the IF Gathering and other popular women’s ministries are promoting including figures like Jennie Allen and Beth Moore.

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1 thought on “What’s Behind the IF Gathering?”

  1. I find it very ironic that a female speaking publicly about what a woman can and cannot do is doing the very thing she says women can’t do. You are speaking from one point of view as well. That is probably due to your legalist denomination. Jesus shows more love and compassion to women than men in the New Testament. He chooses those stories to highlight the bringing of women from shame to honor. Women in todays world live a very different life. Several have been left by fathers and husbands. There has been so much evil from men to women. God is calling us to rely on him instead of others. He wants to satisfy us and love us. He wants to equip us to know Him and share Him with those around us. Women are forced to take care of themselves, work outside the home, take full responsibility of their homes and more. If we didn’t trust in God to be our ultimate authority and only ruler of our lives, we would cease to exist.
    I would love for specifics to be given of each person you categorize as false teachers and only seeking to please themselves. Your words were very clear that you disagree with women’s ministry.

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