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Why Start With the South?

By: Jonathan Harris

“We are superior to them! Those old Americans condoned slavery!” whines the modern American as he (or she?) dawns his foreign slave-made hipster clothing. “I mean, they hated black people!” the non-binary humanoid continues, stepping into a vehicle with a Planned Parenthood bumper sticker. “I heard my professor quote some old thing from somewhere that proved it, and I know what I’m saying!” the 35 year old basement dweller exclaimed as he passed a marker describing the monument he was about to protest, without reading it.

This is the attitude of many modern millennials. Today we’ve seen more monuments coming down. At least one reenactment cancelled. Last night I made the case that the motivation behind much of this stems from a willfully ignorant pride. In general museums are closing. People just won’t come anymore. The past is filled with hateful, racist, homophobic bigots who might “trigger” the more “fragile” feelings of the modern American, who has enough trouble already navigating the dangerous world of perpetual adolescence.

Here’s a second point I’d like to make. The South is the low-hanging fruit. They are picked because they are easily accessible. American “education” has made possible what would have been impossible only 15 years ago (long after the War Between the States or the Civil Right’s movement). American indoctrinators, lead by Foner and McPherson especially have literally rewritten Southern history. They exclusively focus on and misinterpret in many cases people and events associated with the South while all but ignoring sins of equal or greater intensity in the North. Why is this? Why are the SJWs so angry at the South whilst the North gets a free pass?


1) The South is traditionally Christian. Modern millennials are secularists having rejected their parent’s or grandparent’s faith. They are continuing to rebel against a faith represented very tangibly in a region known as the “Bible Belt.” They may not be able to attack God directly or storm into a local church (at least yet), but they can protest Christian culture and heritage in a very tangible way and have the media support them when they attack Confederate monuments, symbols, people, activities, etc. It’s the safest path for them to go if they want to get their rage out. The reason I say this is an attack on Christianity is because we do not see equal attacks on Northern monuments, symbols, people, etc. that are associated with slavery and/or racism to an equal or greater degree. The thing that separates the two regions the most is their religion. Secularists love to spot hypocrisy in the lives of Christians and capitalize on it. What better and easier way to do this than to attack the more Christian culture with the charge of racism. It makes modern people feel good about themselves because, “At least they’re not like that!” It also gives a valid reason to reject the faith of the supposed racists. “They were hypocrites and their religion is evil!” Make no mistake, this is an attack on Christianity. The church should care. Sadly, many in conservative evangelicalism are the first in line to condone the removal of monuments because they think somehow it will gain them acceptance with the world. It will not. They are ignorantly walking into the very trap they are setting for themselves.

2) This is just the beginning. Already suggestions have been made of taking the Founding Fathers out of public life, including taking down monuments dedicated to them. Other statues such as a peace monument and a soldier’s monument have been vandalized. There are even reports of statues of Theodore Roosevelt and a Lincoln bust being targeted. This is an attack on tradition itself, especially Christian tradition, and the tree will be picked clean eventually if it’s allowed to continue. Confederates are just the first in line.

3) This has nothing to do with a kind-spirit toward minorities or the disenfranchised. Many of the same people taking part in destroying monuments that supposedly stand for slavery (though you will not find one marker on a monument saying that, and many markers saying the opposite) are the same people that support planned parenthood which slaughters black children by design, don’t shine a light on modern slavery (there are more slaves today than at any time in human history), and purchase clothing and materials made by slaves in many cases. If the protestors truly cared about slavery and racism they would be fighting modern examples of slavery and racism, but there seems to be silence on this front. I have not seen a protest outside a Planned Parenthood facility led by SJWs. If the real motivation is not supporting the down-trodden, what is it then? It IS an attack on Christianity. The reason I know this is because those who are not Christian–Muslims in the case of modern slavery, secularists in the case of abortions–get a pass.

Conclusion: If you love Jesus, this is the time to be fighting against the whitewashing of history for FOUR REASONS.

1) The church’s symbols are next.
2) The slander of men and women who lived before us is still sin according to God.
3) Honoring father and mother which extends over generations is a command of God.
4) The sovereignty of God is showcased through history. It is “His-story.” Learning about history tells us something about God.

Christians who don’t care or think they are somehow gaining points by supporting the attack on our heritage are only gaining points with a world that will turn on them at the soonest available opportunity.

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