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Book Review: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism

By: Jonathan Harris

I have to say, I’m really (no like seriously, I’m not exaggerating at all) digging these Politically Incorrect Guides more than any other series I’ve been exposed to. Homeschoolers should use them as curriculum (or at least a curriculum supplement depending on the subject), and public/private schoolers should read them during/after high school to be deprogrammed from the liberal garbage that permeates most every text-book (even Christian ones) out there. This is also the series college students need. I mean it. All the information is right there. If you want to look more in depth you can check out the sources and recommended reading books. I cannot necessarily endorse every single point perpetuated by the series, but is there anything that any person is going to agree 100% with? Not really. But since these books stick so closely to fact you can’t really argue with them—and the Capitalism installment is certainly no exception. It does not disappoint. I like to describe it as the brute facts with a little common sense. I’m left questioning, “How can anyone question capitalism? Would they not either be ignorant or evil?” Sounds extreme right? Of course it does in our cultural context, but why run from something simply because of how it sounds? Shouldn’t we be evaluating things on their merits of truthfulness? I challenge those out there who doubt the wisdom of a free market—Get this book! It’s nothing complex. It’s actually very simple and very logical. You’ll have a chance to think through all the common free-market arguments and concepts as well as read several chapters on Macro-economic government history and policy with real-world examples. Get it, read it, believe it, spread the word.

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