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Five Things I Look for in a President

Principles for Finding a Commander and Chief
By: Jonathan Harris

1. Will He/She Follow the Constitution?

This is more than asking is their character consistent and honest enough to support the law that already exists. This is a basic question about the philosophy of government the individual possesses. Do they intend to keep to the Founders biblical vision for our country, or do they want to make it something different. Will they eliminate unconstitutional bureaucracies, etc., or will they strive to eliminate them?

2. Is He/She a Christian?

While many Christians are shying away from asking this question in the light of Mitt Romey’s campaign, the question still needs to be addressed. If the governmental authorities are to be “God’s servants (i.e. deacons)” as Rom. 13:4 says, shouldn’t they at least know who God is? How do you serve someone you don’t know.?

3. Does Gender Matter?

While the Bible does not explicitly say that it is a requirement for rulers to be men (save in regards to ecclesiastical authority), women are also discouraged (i.e. through the doctrine of headship) from usurping the responsibility that ultimately belongs to a man. In the case of Deborah, it was to Barak’s shame that a woman served as the judge of Israel. While William Einwechter may go a little too far in his adamant stance in “Should Christians Support a Woman for the Office of Civil Magistrate,” he does make some valid points that ought to be taken into account in any discussion of the topic. Women were not meant to be civil magistrates, but it’s not a sin for them to step up to the plate when a qualified man isn’t willing.

4. Does He/She have a Stable Family?

While governmental authorities are to be God’s “deacons” in the realm of civil magistracy, deacons are God’s servants in the context of the church. Both actually possess the same office in different capacities. I do believe that Paul’s use of the word “deacon” to describe civil authority beckons us to apply at least some of God’s standards (that apply to both capacities) for servants to both categories. Furthermore, can someone who doesn’t have their house in order really put a nation in order?

5. Is He/She Competent?

Do you want a president that knows what they’re doing or doesn’t? Obviously the former is the universal answer. We want someone who follows the proverbial principles in every aspect. Someone who surrounds themselves with wise counsel, understands debt, etc. All the Proverbs about “fools” should not apply to our commander and chief.

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