How Disney Became Revolutionary with Sam Lively

1 thought on “How Disney Became Revolutionary with Sam Lively”

  1. This was an insightful podcast. Thank you for doing it. However, I disagree with the author of the book in thinking that the best way to address The Trojan Mouse problem is to still allow your young children to view the movies while just making sure you have good discussions about them. I totally agree that (at some point) it is good to let your children view certain films/read certain books, etc. in order to engage them in good dialogue, but I think at young ages you really run the risk of just developing an appetite for tripe (and by the time they are old enough to not be at risk for that, they've moved on to other preferences anyway). There is so much that goes on in our brains when we watch a movie, and young minds are so impressionable, even when given many "disclaimers." I think our entertainment time would be better spent elsewhere.

    Thank you again for a thought-provoking podcast.

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