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Is It Time to Cancel Lottie Moon?

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1 thought on “Is It Time to Cancel Lottie Moon?”

  1. Hi,

    Actually, you made a comment earlier in this video where you were advising people to stand up and be church if they felt they could not find one.

    I have been looking for others who want to do just that. I am not perfect, but I would love to connect with others who want to put the Bible before religion. I’ve posted my conversational blog, and while I’m sure we’re not 100% aligned, I’d be skeptical of any two persons claiming to be 100% aligned without talking to one another about the differences on shared perspectives (see any two views in the Gospel alone for the same events.)

    My career offers me the chance to work from almost anywhere; and my ministry past includes both building ministries and training others both how to read and study the Bible but also to make hospitality part of a Bible and Christ centered ministry.

    If you know others with the time and dedication to do this kind of work, I would love to be connected either with churches or people.

    Yours in the love of Christ,

    PS thank you for another video where you clarified that rebellion to rebellion leads us to sin rather than back to obedience, specifically regarding a word being twisted in the present national converations

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