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Jarvis William’s Gospel

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1 thought on “Jarvis William’s Gospel”

  1. Thank you for the work you do. I spent most of the past 9 months profoundly confused by what had happened in my local church. My husband and I were concerned when our campus announced a sermon series on race last summer. It did not go well; many families left. We met with our elders multiple times and exchanged multiple emails with them, trying to uncover what happened. We eventually left our church home of over 12 years. As part of Voddie’s book launch team, I learned more about Jarvis because he is exposed. I finally had an answer to months of searching. (Jarvis is an elder at the church that planted our campus.) Essentially, it appears he is the puppetmaster and the elders at our campus are the puppets. I finally have a much clearer understanding of what has transpired. We recently learned Jarvis came to our (former) campus to preach, the same month Voddie’s book released. Seems like damage control. It is very hard to reconcile how the elders are turning a blind eye to teaching that is leading the flock astray. They have perverted the gospel of grace.
    Gal. 1:6-9

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