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Let’s Get Practical: Gay Marriage

It’s one thing to form an opinion on a controversial subject, it’s another thing to come to that opinion through hours of study and rational debate, and it’s quite another to actually do something about your convictions. This third element seems to be the hardest component, yet it is the most important. It is through confrontation with people and positions that individuals change their minds, and hearts are ultimately won.

I had the opportunity today to attend a “Stand For Marriage” rally sponsored by New Yorker’s For Constitutional Freedom in Albany. A “gay” marriage proposal bill had already passed the NY State Assembly, and was on its way to another branch of the unicameral legislature, the NY State Senate. Traditionally controlled by Republicans, the senate fell to democrats in the 2008 election. Since governor Patterson has declared his support for the measure, it appeared that the bill stood a reasonable chance of being enacted into law. Of course yesterday, in a surprising move, the Senate was turned back over to Republican control, after an astonishing coalition of thirty Republicans and two pro-family Democrats (forming a majority). Despite this glimmer of hope, some of those formerly against same-sex marriage in the senate, proclaimed that they were on the “sidelines,” or refrained to comment when asked about their stance. Two of those in these categories were Republicans. If the “gay” marriage bill was to come up for a vote, the tally would still be awfully close, which was part of the reason I was in Albany today.

Starting at around 10:30 AM we met at the capital steps. A couple thousand were in attendance. We then listened as various pro-family speakers, such as Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher, and a number of representatives and pastors, fired the crowed up. Of course, showing our support in large numbers is great, but actually “DOING” something in support of the noble position we were heralding was far more important. At around 12:30 a small group of us (there were various small groups all around the capital praying and meeting with senators), visited various offices to give senator’s staff literature, as well as to pray on their behalf. Many seemed astonished that we wanted to pray for them right there, but the majority seemed grateful after the “Amen,” thanking us for our visit. All in all, it was a success. We took an actual STAND for what was right, as opposed to merely talking about it with those of like-mind. My hope is that you can find the courage to do the same. Find out what organizations stand for Biblical principles in your area by contacting the American Family Association.
-Jonathan Harris

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