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Misconceptions Regarding Israel

Israel is important to evangelicals, because we know that Israel has a unique status. The Jewish people are God’s chosen people. The next question someone unfamiliar with the Bible will probably ask is, “chosen for what?” The answer is: Chosen to be a light to the nations of the earth. Israel was to be God’s witness to other people groups, testifying to God’s plan of salvation through faith. Unfortunately, this was an unfulfilled command, and God delegated this responsibility to the church (which includes both Jews and Gentiles) but that doesn’t mean that God still doesn’t have a plan for His people. Prophecy is clear. Israel will receive the Messiah in totality at a later point in human history, and will testify to God’s redemption plan through Jesus Christ. The new heaven’s city is called “New Jerusalem.” I could go on, but these points represent the basic understanding evangelicals have concerning the status of Israel. Of course, in our day and age, Israel, as a nation, is under attack; both from Islamic fundamentalists, and Liberals. Foreign policy is important when referring to Israeli relations. How does the U.S. view Israel? The Bible says that those who “bless” Israel shall be blessed, and those who curse Israel, shall be cursed. For the most part, we have blessed Israel by supporting them. But will we continue this trend? Misinformation is rampant concerning the history of the Jewish state. It’s frightening, concerning, and important to set the record straight at every opportunity. I know, because I just took a course entitled “History of the Middle East.” I thought I’d be getting something objective. I was wrong. Both of my coursebooks were extremely bias. Israel was lied about, while the “Palestinians” as they are called, were the heroes of the day. Many in the course were affected by this presentation, and took anti-Israel stands as a result. I was a voice of opposition, but only one voice. We need more to stand up for historical accuracy, Biblical integrity, and the nation of Israel. I have committed myself to posting some of the papers I wrote for my course (over the next week), so that everyone can glean from my personal research on the subject of Israel, and whether it has a right to exist. In closing, I urge you to be in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem, as Psalm 122:6 urges. Thank You.

-Jonathan Harris

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