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Prominent Conservative Pastor calls out Tim Keller for promoting “socialist economic platform”

Earlier this week, Conservative pastor Cary Gordon sat down with Steve Deace to discuss the new film project, “Enemies Within the Church.” Pastor Gordon gained national attention in 2010 when he led a successful effort to remove three Iowa Supreme Court justices for subverting the legislative process and sanctioning same-sex marriage. Two years later, Pastor Gordon’s endorsement was indispensable in helping Rick Santorum win the Iowa Caucus.

Today, Pastor Gordon spends his effort combating Marxists inside the church.

“Our last movie, ‘Enemies Within,'” explains Pastor Gordon, “has already had one million people pay to watch it, and we think . . . this movie will potentially reach three million people with a warning shot about a false gospel called the social justice gospel, and the ramifications of what that false gospel means.” He adds, “Also, we are going to have the opportunity of presenting the real gospel by the end of the movie.”

Among other concerns, Pastor Gordon warned Deace about “calculated leaders” “who have been secretly admiring Marxist concepts for a very long time.”

This prompted Deace to ask, “Is there a name . . . that you would feel comfortable naming as someone that is trying to willfully infiltrate the church with Marxist social theory?”

Cary quickly responded, “Tim Keller,” then, pointing to his Bible stated, “[He] believes that this book promotes a socialist economic platform.”

Tim Keller who, along with D. A. Carson, founded The Gospel Coalition, and pastors Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, has often publicly praised Marxists and Marxist concepts.

In the 2007 book, “Reason for God,” Pastor Keller explains being “emotionally drawn” to the “socially radicalized” “neo-Marxist critical theory of the Frankfurt School” as a young man. “Christians,” according to Keller, “do restorative and redistributive justice wherever they can.” He especially praises urban “multiethnic orthodox Christianity” that is “much more concerned about the poor and social justice than Republicans have been.”

Pastor Keller quotes Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Latin American liberation theologian, as observing God’s “preferential option for the poor,” in his 2010 book, “Generous Justice.” That same year, Keller told Christianity Today, “It’s biblical that we owe the poor as much of our money as we can possibly give away.”

On the first page of Keller’s 2012 book, “Every Good Endeavor,” the popular pastor praises former Communist Party member Robert Bellah’s critique of individualism. Keller’s purpose for writing is to recover “vocation,” defined by Bellah, whom he quotes, as the “idea of work as a contribution to the good of all and not merely as a means to one’s own advancement.”

Last year, Pastor Keller helped launch the Living Out Church Audit” designed to help churches be inclusive toward “LGBTQ+/ same-sex attracted” individuals. 

Though Pastor Gordon admitted that Keller “says a lot of good things,” he observed, “If you study people who have misled the church over the last many centuries, 95% of what a lot of these guys say is solid and biblical and honorable. It’s the 5% that’s poisoned.”

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