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Rich Guys Rule

And That’s the Way It Is
By: Jonathan Harris

If you’re part of my audience you no doubt get tired of all the griping that goes on these days about the rich paying “their fair share.” We conservatives don’t like it when the rich are demonized simply because we know the importance of their contribution. As Sean Hannity often says, “I never got a job from a poor person.” We don’t see anything wrong with being rich, and yes, we all probably secretly want to be rich ourselves (and so do the liberals who speak out against it). At the same time we resent rich “elites” who try to micromanage our lives with over-regulation, etc. It’s not the wealth of the controlling class that bothers us though—it’s the control. So all that to say, we don’t have a problem with being well-off. But how do we convey our feeling to those who do have a problem with it? How do we argue our point against the tirade of socialistic nonsense echoing from the halls of our most prestigious academic institutions? Simple!

Proverbs 22:7 says, “The rich rule over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” In other words, as sure as it is that the borrower is slave (i.e. has his labor owned by) to the lender (the rich guy who gave him the money), the rich in a society will always rule over the poor. Proverbs, as most of you know, is a book about general truths in which there will sometimes be exceptions. In this case however, I can’t think of one. In every governmental structure this world has ever known, one truth remains—the rich always rule over the poor. It’s true in capitalism, it’s true in communism. It’s true in constitutional monarchies, it’s true in oligarchies. It was just as true during the French Revolution as it was during the Bolshevik takeover. Think about it! Money may not always mean control, but control always means money. The booshwazee, when in power, always become the aristocracy! There is no such thing as a culture in which those in control are not the well-off. The question then becomes not one of, “In which culture can everyone have equal control?” but rather, “In which culture can the poor and middle classes be protected the most from tyrannical abuses from the upper class?” This form of government happens to be a republic in which there is freedom—the very system the liberals try to argue against. So the next time your liberal friend complains about the evil rich capitalists, ask him this question, “Give me an example of a society in which the rich didn’t control?” The grass is always greener when it’s AstroTurf in the mind of a dreamer. Let’s get the dreamers to wake up!

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