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Rosaria Butterfield Shows How Its Done, Stop Having Kids?, & Christian Persecution

Rosaria Butterfield recently retracted and apologized for her previous position on preferred pronouns. This is very encouraging. God does change people for the better! She really does show evangelical men how its done. Jon also talks about the campaign to stop having kids and shares the ways Christians are experiencing persecution in the United States. As moral insanity increases the light will stand out even more. 

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1 thought on “Rosaria Butterfield Shows How Its Done, Stop Having Kids?, & Christian Persecution”

  1. Good work, Jon! I appreciate what you’re doing. I have a genuine question for you. Early in the 4/8/23 podcast, you mention your concern that holidays from the American culture are taking over the calendar of the worship of the Lord in the Lord’s Day, in the Lord’s house. You highlighted how, years ago, the Anglican Church used the Common Book of Prayers. Later in the same podcast, you mentioned that Mother’s Day should not be canceled as part of church services. Since I’ve been a part of the Body of Christ in places outside America over my lifetime, I often wonder how something the Body of Christ in America is doing would make sense only to Americans due to the American culture. (For example the second Lord’s Day of May is only Mother’s Day in some countries in the world, and the 3rd Sunday in June is Father’s Day in only some countries.) Since it is true that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male, nor female, but we are all one in Christ, why is it a good thing, on the Lord’s Day in the Lord’s House in the worship of the Lord, to divide up the Body of Christ along lines that will disappear in eternity? There are only 52 weeks per year for the under shepherd to pastor the flock among him. If he takes one week each year to address the mothers in his sermon, most of those present cannot apply the sermon to their lives. If he takes another week each year to address the fathers, there’s another week that only part of his congregation is being addressed. Couldn’t these topics come up naturally when he is preaching verse by verse through Scripture? This way, we would be following what Yahweh has revealed regarding how to worship Him. What do you think? I’m genuinely curious how you choose which cultural holidays should dictate what is done in the worship of our triune God.

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