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Same-Sex Marriage DOES Affect Society

Results That Go Beyond Statistics
by: Jonathan Harris

I was appalled. A prom turned into a “love-fest” for transgenders, cross-dressers, and homosexuals? (Click here to find out what’s happening in Massachusetts) I can’t think of a passage that fits the situation in Boston better than Romans 1:22-32. The advocates of same-sex marriage have claimed, for quite some time, that legalizing the practice would have no effect on society and those who believe in “traditional marriage;” it would merely give rights such as “hospital visitation rights” to same-sex couples. They are clearly WRONG. The state of Massachusetts has slid farther than I thought was possible in such a short time. Middle School children claiming to be transgender lovers? Where are they getting this at such a young age, if not from the schools sponsoring such aberrant practices. The bigger issue here is that the state is mandating how a child should be raised, and not the parents. It is clear that when the state puts its stamp of approval on sin, the child believes it to be so. God help our society, and bless the states that have stood for traditional marriage.

The face of the 21st century is rearing its ugly head…

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