TGC vs Country Music

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1 thought on “TGC vs Country Music”

  1. John,
    I have to be honest that the songs by Aaron Lewis and Toby Keith touched me in terms of what it means to be American and the freedom our Constitution has historically provided. Certainly, Lewis and Keith, like so many others including many Bible believing Christians in America, are feeling the pressure of an out of control woke culture that does it’s best to silence dissent and paint those who resist Marxist and racialist ideas as being racist, bigot, phobes, etc etc.

    I must be honest that while I have the long term assurance of Christ victory over Jesus and my inheritance through his sovereign grace, I do live somewhat in a world of fear when it comes to my job. I work at a very woke and well known big tech company out of Germany and I am constantly bombarded by this toxic left wing radical culture. I do not have ANY social media where I use my name for fear of losing my job and my income. I wonder, often, if I am being a coward. I don’t have a college degree, which is rare in my field (software developer/integrations), and it would hurt me from being able to provide for my family. At the same time, my wife who is a nurse and makes more money than I do has expressed an interest in wanting to come home and homeschool our son who is 10. Im trying to ‘climb that ladder’ to earn more while maintaining my walk with Jesus and not capitulating to the culture. But I wonder if I am a coward for not speaking out and if not speaking out and pushing back as myself makes me weak. I know, in this regard, that I AM NOT ALONE.

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