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The Enneagram and Evangelicals

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Popular Christian books, big ministries, and a soon-to-be summit on the gospel and the enneagram all signal that this tool is not going away anytime soon. Russell Moore, Darrin Patrick, Lisa Vischer and others have promoted this tool to evangelical audiences. But should Christians be using this tool? I contend that the enneagram’s demonic roots are an issue but I’m most concerned about something else.


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00:00:00 Expose the CCP

00:06:15 Intro to Concerns

00:11:27 What is the Enneagram?

00:14:06 The History

00:18:42 The Commercialized Enneagram

00:28:49 Russell Moore’s Defense

00:33:53 How Evangelicals Use It

00:45:05 Conclusions

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