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Why God Exists in 60 Seconds

Faith on the Fly
By: Jonathan Harris

Eric Hovind, son of famed Dr. Kent Hovind, or “Dr. Dino” of Creation Science Evangelism, has just recently posited a challenge to Christians everywhere. He asks, “Can you prove God’s existence in 60 seconds or less?” Since we are to be “always ready” according to 1 Peter, this shouldn’t be a tough question. What if someone on the street, or a classmate, or a friend you haven’t witnessed to because you’re chicken, or great aunt Ruth, comes up to you and asks, “How do you know God exists?” What would you say? Sadly, I suspect most Christians wouldn’t be able to give an answer. That’s the reason for CSE’s video contest. The winner will receive an ipod loaded down with $800 of great Creation material. I would encourage everyone reading this, whether you want to submit a video or not, to at least consider, “Could I give a rational defense for God’s existence in a minute or less?” The clocks ticking!

Here’s my entry.

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