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2016: Obama’s America

A Review
By: Jonathan Harris

A couple days ago I had the privilege of watching 2016: Obama’s America, not at a church or conservative function, but at a mainstream movie theater. My expectations were pretty high. I had been hearing ads for a couple weeks on the radio and they had made me curious. I mean, I knew what Obama was all about right? I’ve listened to loads of talk radio, read many news outlets, and I did a lot of research on him before the 2008 election. Is there anything I could possibly be missing? The answer was, “Yes, there was.” I had viewed Obama more through the light of American history than the light of international geopolitical history. Obama wasn’t raised in America. His views were not as shaped by the civil rights movement as they were the anti-colonial sympathies of his father and his mentors. This is crucial to understanding what his agenda is. And while I thought all Obama wanted to do was make this country look like a European socialist democracy, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I truly believe, according to this new information Denish D’Souza (the film’s narrator) has uncovered, that Obama’s goal is to make the U.S. look like a third world nation. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out why!

All in all, my high expectations were met. I was entertained and educated. Please go and see this film, and help make it a hit!

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