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Are Owen Strachan, Wayne Grudem, & Bruce Ware’s Trinitarian Views Heretical? With Russell Fuller

Russell Fuller joins the podcast to discuss what some call “Eternal Functional Subordination” or the “Eternal Relations of Authority and Submission” of the Trinity.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:11:00 What is the Trinity?

00:18:54 ERAS View

00:45:44 Mohler, Ware, and Strachan

01:14:56 The Concern

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2 thoughts on “Are Owen Strachan, Wayne Grudem, & Bruce Ware’s Trinitarian Views Heretical? With Russell Fuller”

  1. Hi Jon, I believe you’ve covered Wheaton College in the past. I am a 1996 Wheaton College alumnus. Many of the decisions that have recently been made at Wheaton have deeply saddened me. Wheaton College has a reputation as the premier evangelical protestant US college. I fear that it is going in exactly the same direction as Harvard, Princeton, and so many other US colleges and universities, which were founded as explicitly Christian schools, and which now have strayed far from those roots. The most recent development is that Wheaton College recently convened a Historical Review Task Force The most salient outcome of the report is that the main library on campus, Buswell Memorial Library, named after the third president of the college, will be renamed.

    This follows on the heels of several other decisions that have only gone in one direction. During my time as a student, the school mascot, the Crusader, was changed to the Thunder. After my time, a plaque commemorating the missionaries to the Auca Indians had to be changed because it contained the word ‘savages’. It seems to me that whatever the American culture at large is doing, Wheaton College will follow about 10 years later. Wondering if this has been on your radar at all, or the state of Christian higher ed in the US more broadly? It seems that whenever Wheaton comes in conflict with larger societal trends, the only response is to capitulate.

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