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It’s Official: Beth Moore Affirms God Calls Women Pastors

For the past year, Beth Moore regularly, publicly, and provocatively has tweeted about preaching in various venues, including churches. However, she has alluded questions about the office of a pastor. For many “soft complimentarians,” an understanding of the office and function of a pastor as set forth in 1 Tim. 2 are separated to create room for women to preach without being “pastors.” Beth Moore has long been able to function under this understanding while still escaping a direct confrontation with her denominations “Baptist Faith and Message 2000” which prohibits female pastors in no uncertain terms. However, recently, Moore abandoned her “escape clause” to specifically endorse the concept of female pastors as ordained by God.

Here Moore affirms the calling of Lisa Saunders, as she specifically shares her struggle with receiving a “Pastorate” in the midst of the quarantine.

The question isn’t what Beth Moore will do, but what will Southern Baptists, including Al Mohler, do?

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