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Social Justice Goes to Church – Signed Copy

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Social Justice Goes to Church: The New Left in Modern American Evangelicalism answers, from a historical perspective, the vital question, “Why are American evangelicals moving Left?”

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3 reviews for Social Justice Goes to Church – Signed Copy

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    A timely book! Glad to have a clear perspective on the new religion taking America by storm. Would recommend.

  2. Jake G (verified owner)

    If you are a politically conservative Christian like I am, you will find this book enjoyable, pithy, and eye opening. Brother Harris does a wonderful job at documenting how the New Left (or far left as I would put it) rose to power, fell, and rose back to power by seeping its claws into mainstream evangelicalism. This book exposes the ideologies of the founders of the evangelical left like Ron Sider, Jim Wallis, Richard Mouw, Wes Grandberg-Michaelson, and many others all without being condescending. While it seems that the synchronization of Marxism, liberation theology, and Christianity is a recent phenomenon, readers will learn that it has been going on for decades in Christian academia and some of our churches. The roots of the evangelical left are deep, and it’s time that the body of Christ learned where they came from.

    Overall, if you want to combat the evangelical left as a layman, pastor, or just as an individual congregant, this book will tell you where and when this ideology came about.

    – Offers a sufficient history of the evangelical left in about 170 pages
    – Explains the ideology of the evangelical left without being condescending or mean-spirited
    – Relevant

    – The term “new left” may not be immediately recognizable even for people who are well informed politically

  3. Glenn

    My perspective was waiting to see where this (book) was going. Knew my local church as well as about everyone other I know is now totally woke. As I listened to the book, was totally on board, and very much appreciated the history of SJ issues. Helped me know this period of time is not that unalike others before it. Just as wrong today as is in church history. Highly recommend this book to all that seek to understand the movement of deception as it spreads.

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