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SBC Update: Social Justice, Abuse Allegations, & the Law Amendment

Jon surveys developments within the Southern Baptist Convention on controversial issues such as the Federal investigation into abuse allegations, the way Southern Baptist leaders are distancing themselves from “Christian Nationalism,” and the fight over the “Law Amendment” which ensures SBC churches have male pastors.

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00:00 The SBC in Recent Years

06:03 Christian Nationalism and Wokeness

15:28 Metoo

20:19 Law Amendment

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1 thought on “SBC Update: Social Justice, Abuse Allegations, & the Law Amendment”

  1. Regarding your podcast today about “Christ is King”:

    This started, I believe, when Candace was arguing with Ben and ended her post with “Christ is King.” I cringed when I read it. The spirit that came across was one of revenge and vindictiveness, in my opinion. Christ was not honored.

    Of course Christ is Lord and King. Ben has had many Christians on his show and politely let them witness to him, saying whatever they wanted. John MacArthur, for one. Candace, on the other hand, had built up a history of questionable associations and comments that in my view did appear antisemitic. Ben was growing disgusted with it – obviously based on his taped criticism. That is the context. She had years of opportunity to witness to Ben. Instead she chose to use it as her defense over her shocking reaction to the Israel/ Palestinian conflict. The Oct 7th attack was particularly evil. It is beyond my understanding how anyone can waffle between the two sides. But to waffle and then hide behind “Christ is King” as a defense is shameful. There was nothing about how she did it that seemed like it was actually about Christ. It was about Candace. IMO. And now everyone is arguing. Thanks, Candace.

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