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What to do with Christian Leaders Who Soft-Peddled Social Justice

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Jon first addresses Alistair Begg’s recent “trans” wedding comment then talks about recent shifts to the right however small from people like Justin Taylor, Andrew Walker, Erik Reed, Colin Smothers, Josh Howerton, and JT English. How should Christians think about leaders who showed compromise but now are starting to condemn what they once supported? This is a tricky subject but an important one!

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:06:45 The Donatists

00:16:39 Alistair Begg on Trans Weddings

00:25:04 Justin Taylor’s Shift on the Vaccine

00:27:39 Andrew Walker

00:42:42 Erik Reed

00:45:04 Colin Smothers

00:46:26 Josh Howerton

00:55:57 J.T. English

00:59:04 Call in: Matt Borrusch

01:03:52 Call in: Andrew Isker

01:24:46 Questions and Closing

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