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Why Christians are Shifting Their View of MLK

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Jon examines why Christians are shifting their view of MLK Jr. Martin Luther King’s legacy remained unquestioned by both neo-conservatives and progressives for many years but that is starting to change, especially on the conservative side. As newer voices expose MLK’s radical ideas, Christians are reexamining his faith, morality, and political views. Some Christians are evening shifting their view of MLK’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Jon examines both contemporary voices like Daniel Darling, Josh Buice, Owen Strachan, Mike Pence, Christopher Rufo, Ron Desantis, Paul Kengor, Charlie Kirk, Virgil Walker as well as older conservative voices like Sam Francis and Christopher Caldwell.

Most of the podcast simply examines MLK in his own words borrowing from speech compilations from the Autobiography of MLK and The Radical MLK.


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